I love listening to others, I mean really listening. I’ve always been that person. I love to hear about your joys, your troubles, and especially when you feel stuck. I can help you get unstuck. I have found that people almost always know deep down that they don’t need to be told what to do. They often have some idea what their solution is but haven’t connected all the pieces.

That’s where I come in. Through coaching I partner with my client to help them clarify desired outcomes and create actions and habits to achieve them. What does that mean? We talk about your goals, and get really clear pictures of what they look like. Once we know that, then I ask questions to help you figure out what needs to happen to meet your goals.

We may get into some touchy-feely things but this isn’t therapy. Therapy deals with things like depression, anxiety & if we are getting toward that territory I’ll be sure to tell you and support you in finding a professional to help with that. Coaching deals with your future.

What you can expect from me… I ask lots of questions & leave space for you to think out loud. Expect a bit more silence than usual, that’s by design. I will keep our conversations confidential. I will challenge your way of thinking because that’s what a coach does.

What I expect from you… honesty, a willingness to be open to another perspective,try to drop the phrase “I don’t know” at the door . I expect you to keep your word. If you decide to take on a task, you find a way to get it done. In between our sessions, look for opportunities to be open to something new or a new way of thinking. The impact of our conversations often take shape days later in the choices and decisions you make outside of our coaching time.

I’m a mother of three young adults supported in partnership by my husband of nearly 30 years. I earned my Professional Coaching Certification from the ICF. I am a member of the local St. Louis ICF chapter. I have been coaching for over 7 years with strong and consistent feedback of my clients not only achieving their goals but also doing it with more clarity and often faster than they imagined. I have over 20 years of professional and personal PCC_WEBdevelopment with a Fortune 500 company and nearly three decades raising children & supporting other moms. I look forward to supporting you in reaching your goals.