I’m two-timing you…

…actually, I’m just mini-blogging over on Instagram. AOKCoaching (pretty original name, huh?) is where you can find mini expressions of gratitude, acknowledgement and eventually something else will turn up, I’m sure.

I like being “artsy” with my photos (read=filter) but I’m not actually committed enough to learn real photography skills. In fact, lighting still seems to confuse me more often I should probably admit. My original account actually started before my kids had it (unlike Twitter or Snap-chat) and I decided to create this one as a way to share observations of being present and connect with other coaches.  So, I’m just apologizing in advance if you see duplicate stuff but I promise not to make a habit of looping posts. I expect once I get more comfortable with this format, that one may change, or it won’t who knows.  I’m learning about letting myself take in each step and piece of this that I figure out next.  My original idea was just to have a blog in support of a coaching practice and then one day I found myself creating an Insta page, then my sister started commenting on a Facebook post that I needed to blog about plus size fashion, too.

What I’m willing to say is that this whole thing may change over the next year or two… or three. But I am committed to sharing my voice, my view and my truth. I don’t expect to be polarizing, I just have a need to share. So, I hope you enjoy and feel free to send me an email of you think there’s something I might want to check out – it just might end up here, or there 😉

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