Motherhood… it’s hard

What is your definition of balance? Do you know how close you are to achieving it?

As a professional coach I am committed to empowering you to lead yourself and your family to the balance you desire.  Working with a wide range of parents at different stages, you are offered a highly personalized approach. In a supportive atmosphere, clients find path to the peace they are craving.

What’s possible if you better understand how to create connection with your children and yourself?

My coaching skill set is flexible to anyone that wants support but I am also uniquely understanding of the challenges of parenting while creating a career. My own children fall into groupings of Gifted & Talented, ADHD, and dealing with chronic illness. I am no stranger to the delicate balance of “working” and “mom”. I support you in a way that allows you to overcome common challenges and create a new perspective utilizing the gifts you have.  With 20 years in professional and leadership development and over a quarter of a century of raising children, I provide experience, wisdom and mentorship.

I offer sessions virtually or over the phone. We start with an initial assessment to clearly understand our roles and define your goals. From there you select a monthly package. See details on the Services page.

Are you ready? Still unsure? Either way, schedule a complimentary session to see if coaching is the best way to get direction you are seeking!

What can happen if you work with someone with real life experience that will support you without judgement?